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The positive side of uniform

There is always a reason

We all enjoy a tutu and sparkles, some of us more than the others. So when we sign up our little ones for ballet, we come equipped with beautiful pink leotard, sparkly purple tutus and glittery crowns. And then we are told: you must wear school leo, pink tights and leave the crown at home. Why do ballet schools require a dress code?

And here is why:

  • a teacher must see pupils alignment and positioning so they can see dancer’s mistakes. Through baggy clothing it is impossible to make corrections.
  • Pink tights allow the teachers to see the lines in the legs.
  • A dress codes teaches the student discipline thus helping with their concentration and energy (no one is fixing that crown anymore.)
  • A uniform allows all students to be even: no one is standing out, no one is better or worse. This is very important in creation of the team unity in the class.

This is why our studio has a strict dress code that all students must follow.  

Dress code for ballet classes:

  • Pink ballet tights, class leotard, ballet slippers (pink leather or canvas), ballet skirt (optional), leg warmers(optional). Hair is to be pulled up neatly in a bun. NO PONYTAILS ACCEPTED.
  • Ballet is the most classic form of dance and so we ask our dancers to dress in a way that gives this classic art form the respect it deserves.