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Ballet Stream

Exclusive Vaganova Training for Aspiring Dancers

Kirova Dance Academy is proud to offer a comprehensive Dedicated Ballet Stream based on the renowned Vaganova method, catering to students aged 3 to 18. We provide two distinct paths for our ballet dancers – the Dedicated Ballet Stream and the Recreational Stream, both rooted in the Vaganova curriculum.

Our Dedicated Ballet Stream is designed for students who aspire to perform, compete, and potentially gain entry into prestigious ballet schools. This pathway ensures a consistent level of progression, enabling students to develop and perfect their skills systematically.

On the other hand, our Recreational Stream offers a more relaxed approach to ballet while still upholding the quality of the Vaganova technique. It’s a perfect choice for those who enjoy the art of ballet and seek its physical, artistic, and mental benefits.

In both streams, the most advanced levels are personally taught by our founder and Artistic Director, Ms. Janna Kirova. A graduate of the prestigious Vaganova Ballet Academy, and a former dancer with the Mariinsky (formerly Kirov) Ballet, Ms. Janna infuses our program with an authentic Russian ballet experience. Our earlier levels are taught by experienced faculty, hand-picked and supervised by Ms. Janna, ensuring consistency and quality in our instruction.

In addition to regular classes, our Dedicated Ballet Stream also includes master classes and summer intensives to further enrich our students’ dance education. We believe in nurturing performance skills as part of a holistic ballet education, hence we offer numerous competition and performance opportunities.

Join us on a journey of artistic growth, self-discovery, and ballet excellence at Kirova Dance Academy.

Dedicated Ballet Stream – 2023-2024 Schedule

Year 1 – 1-2 Lessons per Week – (Recommended Age 3-4)

Year 2 – 2-3 Lessons per Week – (Recommended Age 5)

Year 3 – 3 Lessons per Week – (Recommended Age 6)

Year 4 – 3-4 Lessons per Week – (Recommended Age 7)

Year 5 – 4 Lessons per Week – (Recommended Age 8)

Intermediate Ballet – 7-11 h per week – (9+ Years Old and Placement by Director)

Advanced Ballet – 9-13 h per week – (Placement by Director)