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You are new to pointe. Or have been doing pointe for awhile. No matter your experience, your feet will still be killing you after a prolonged class or a performance. Many ballerinas dream of going on pointe, only to find out the hard way that there are consequences to that beautiful pointe shoe: sore feet and ankles, blisters, bunions, and more. Is there a way to help you heal faster? Here are some tips that we found through experience and from our prima ballerinas. Have some ideas that we didn’t mention? Comment below.

  1. Epsom salt soaks – add some essential oils to the salt and add them to your bathtub or foot spa. Make sure water is warm, not too hot.
    The top essential oils for alleviating pain and soothing inflammation are:
    • Eucalyptus Essential Oil.
    • Lavender Essential Oil.
    • Rosemary Essential Oil.
    • Marjoram Essential Oil.
    • Peppermint Essential Oil.
    • Chamomile Essential Oil.
    • Clary Sage Essential Oil.
  2. Foot spray with essential oils. You can make a bottle yourself: find an empty spray bottle, add water and 7-10 drops of essential oil, like peppermint and tea tree, spray on the achy tired feet after the class.
  3. foot massage or Self-massage is a great way to get immediate relief. Begin at the ball of your foot, start massaging your foot in circular motions using your thumbs. Continue through the foot up to the ankle. Repeat with the other foot.
  4. Stretch your legs up on the wall. Lay down on your back and perk up your feet onto the wall. It lowers your blood pressure and improves circulation.
  5. For the supper painful days, short ice bath helps.
  6. Or just take a day off!