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A ballet school with a hip hop team? Yeah, right. Who would have thought that our first team journey to a competition would be with a Hip Hop routine? Well, we did. One of our little ballerinas was dying to dance hip hop. However, ballet and jazz classes were conflicting with the hip hop classes and her dream was crushed. She thought, why not a hip hop routine then for a competition? And thus, the dream began. She recruited a few other hip hop’es and started working with Miss Ally Love on a routine for Shake the Ground in Hollywood.

Long story short, they had about 6 weeks to get ready. They survived flu, exams, late nights and angry parents…Or really, just super tired moms!

This was our first ever team competition for all of us: teacher, director, kids and parents. We really didn’t know what to expect. We figured, we will do it the way we see it, and just hope and pray it will be good enough. And it was good enough. They placed, they scored and they are going to Nationals in Orlando.

Lots of work ahead for you girls – Ashley, Allegra, Amber and Priscilla!

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