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Dress rehearsal Saturday, June 18 at Aventura Arts & Culture Center

Theater Location: 3385 NE 188th Street Aventura, FL 33180
All Saturday’s classes, June 18th at the studio will be canceled due to stage rehearsal!

Dancers must arrive ready with their hair done, and dancers from Primary groups, Beginning Jazz, Beginning Modern, Hip-Hop in costume.
Make-up for Primary dancers is not required for the dress rehearsal. Older dancers may wear their show make-up but they must arrive at the theater with it on.

We have a limited amount of time and it must be used to prepare your dancer for the show not waiting on unprepared dancers and parents. DO NOT BE LATE AND ARRIVE PREPARED!

This is a rehearsal for both dancers and volunteers. Volunteers it is your job to make sure dancers are ready, get to the stage for their numbers and enforce the productions rules. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the production rules. Review them with your dancer so she understands the rules and what behavior is expected of him or her.



REMINDER – Nobody is permitted to leave until dismissed by Janna.

Please DO NOT check in early. We staggered arrival times in order for the process to be fast and efficient with the least amount of stress for the dancers.

11:00 AM – Check-in:
All Volunteers for both shows should be on time at your places!
No volunteer will be allowed to leave until the dancers from your groups are signed out!
Security and sign In volunteers must stay until the end of the rehearsal or until all dancers are dismissed from the theatre.

11:15 AM – Check-In for:
Primary I
Beginning Jazz

11:30 AM – Check-In for:

Primary II & III all classes
Level I
Level 2
Level 3
Intermediate Jazz
Advanced Jazz
Hip Hop

12:00 PM – 1:30 PM – Dress Rehearsal for:

Primary all classes
Primary I all classes
Beginning Jazz

1:00PM – 1:30 PM – Entire cast for Finale – THAT IS EVERYBODY
1:30 PM All Primaries, Beginning Jazz, dismissed, when dismissed by Janna.

1:30 PM – 1:45 PM Break / Lunch

1:45 PM – 4:30 PM – Dress Rehearsal for:
Primary II & III
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Intermediate Jazz
Advanced Jazz