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Recreational Division

Ballet, hip hop, jazz, latin classes for 5+ year olds.

More information about Recreational classes

Variety of classes.
Flexible schedule.


For ages 5 and up

Classes are geared for children to learn different styles of dancing like ballet, hip hop, jazz, latin dances, etc.


Flexible schedule

Take one class a week, two, three. Freedom is yours. Schedule is flexible.



The classes in this division include Beginenr Ballet, Intermediate Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin dances.

What to expect in class

Classes run 1 hour and are segmented by student age

Great teachers

Healthy environment that allows us being strict without taking the fun away.

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Our classes in Recreational Division

Classes are organized by age and skill. Our teacher make the final determination of where to place each child.

Hip Hop class

Hip Hop classes

for 5-10 year olds

This 1 hour class is fun, creative, and…will work them out! If your little dancer is full of energy, creative movement, and needs that extra hour to wind down after school – this class is for them.

We have 2 classes segmented by age group: Hip Hop for 5-9 year olds; Hip Hop for 10+


Jazz Beginners

for 5-8 year olds

This 1 hour class focuses on jazz moves, patterns and developing rhythm and artistic skill. Boring lingo aside, this is the class every kid wants to be part of. Why you ask? Because it is the most fun EVER!

Latin dances

Latin dances

for 5-10 year olds

Salsa, Bachata, merengue,Chachacha -it ‘s fun just listing the various dances taught in this class. Kids elevate their repertoire with various movements, learn rhythm movement,and flow.

This is possibly the most fun class here at Kirova Ballet and allows our little ballerinas explore music and rhythms of the world.

Primary III

Recreational Ballet classes

for 7-12 year olds

Your 8 year old woke up today and said she wants to learn ballet

Many reasons why you would choose recreational ballet classes: your dancer can only commit to once a week class, your budget must stretch between ballet, soccer, choir

We have designed our Ballet I and Ballet II classes for those students: just starting out or juggling the intense schedule.
No minimal class load, smaller commitment, great to start.