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Pre-Professional Division

Dance classes for 9 + year olds.

More information about Pre Professional classes



For ages 9 and up

For serious and committed students, this is the next step in their ballet education.


By audition only

Our Pre-professional students are invited to these classes: from within school or by audition when transferring.



The classes in this division include pre-pointe work, character dance, pointe, variations, technique, ballet stretching.

What to expect in class

Classes range from 1 to 3 hours daily. There is minimal commitment for each level.

Great teachers

Ballet, Jazz, Modern – classes focused on developing best dancer within.

Limited time offer!

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Our classes in Pre Professional Division

Students are placed by audition only. Creative Director and Teachers determine the appropriate skill level and class placement for each student.

Level III

Level I, II, III, IV


Students in Pre-Professional division progress through Level classes according to their skill and experience. Each Level has a minimal class load commitment including additional classes like Pre-pointe for Level I, or Pointe classes for Level II. Ballet stretching is another option for these students to build their flexibility.

contemporary advanced

Intermediate and Advanced

Jazz, Contemporary, Modern

We offer different technique classes for our students, in order to assist them advance in their dancing careers. If Ballet is the ground work, Jazz, contemporary, modern – is the heart of any dancer. Fluidity of movement, creativity, rhythm – allows dancers to break free from strict ballet rules.

Ballet stretch

Ballet stretch

Open for 7 + year olds

Students will increase their understanding of their anatomy and dance alignment while increasing flexibility and strengthening their core, feet, turnout muscles, legs, back, and upper body posture. Students focus on learning how to stretch correctly by releasing muscle tension, while defining specific muscles groups.