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From 3 years old to 90 - We have a class for you

Le Petit Division for beginning stars
Pre-Professional for aspiring performers
Adults and Open for young at heart

Challenge yourself

Ever wanted to try ballet?
At KBA we offer Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes in
Adult Ballet and Hip Hop

Whether you’re a beginning ballet student, a teen aspiring to hone your technique, or an adult seeking the challenge of physical and intellectual exercise, Kirova Ballet Academy of Miami offers classes that meet your needs. Ballet classes are taught in the classical Vaganova method, and in three Divisions that encompass all age levels. Each student is placed in the class and level most appropriate for his/her development.

Le Petit Division

PRIMARY (3-4 YEARS OLD): Provides students with a wide range of dance training that includes pre-ballet.

PRIMARY I (5-6 YEARS OLD), PRIMARY II (7-8 YEARS OLD) & PRIMARY III (7-8 YEARS OLD): Students are introduced to barre and the basic movements of classical ballet. Primary III is for the more experienced student, by audition and instructor placement only.

Pre-Professional Division

LEVEL I (AGES 8-9): Intensity of study increases. Exercises lengthen and more complicated movements are introduced. Students whose technique and body are strong enough begin pointe work.

LEVEL II-A, LEVEL II-B (AGES 10-13) and LEVEL III (AGES 14 and UP): Classical ballet technique increases in difficulty. Pointe work lengthens in duration and students learn variations from selected classical ballets. LEVEL II-A is for the more experienced student, by audition and instructor placement only.

Adult and Open Division

For mature individuals of all levels, beginner to advanced. Class cards are offered for ease in scheduling, and discounts are available for multiple class cards

BALLET – Stay fit & limber with this informal & relaxed class.

JAZZ – Jazz class is a fun, energetic way for students to stretch and exercise to the music of today. Jazz dance is expressive, rhythmic and theatrical.

HIP-HOP – Hip-hop dance is a broad category that incorporates a variety of old and new urban dance styles seen in many music videos and stage performances.